Pawsitive Wellness Paw-ty!

Get ready for a tail-waggingly awesome day at Clann Madra, where furry fun and excitement await you and your canine companion!

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Join us in the beautiful venue of Dún na Sí, Fort of the Fairies, in Moate, Co. Westmeath on the 24th of September from 11am to 5pm to celebrate in the joy and support dogs bring to our families.

Clann Madra, family dog, is a holistic well-being event offering alternative health solutions and experiences to our loyal companions.

Lots of Fun Activities

Get ready for a day filled with exciting activities, the setting for Clann Madra really lends itself to a nature-filled day. Let the mind unwind as you stroll through the art-filled Amenity Park, walk-and-talk by the turlough, enjoy the quiet spaces and our sensory area, children's playground and zipline.

Join us for a holistic event filled with exciting activities, informative talks, and delightful experiences, including:

• Pet Farm
• Talks and Workshops
• Dog Training
• Fun Activities
• Alternative Therapies for Dogs
• Agility Areas
• Treasure Hunt
• Dog Show
• Face Painting
• Dock Diving
• Food Stalls
• Puppy Play Area     
• Artists and Craft Stalls

Guest Speakers

Lisa Tully (On the left) is a holistic practitioner for animals, working with all kinds of species using a multi layered approach. After 10 years in practice she has helped thousands of animals live longer & healthier lives. She also helps people like you heal through the wisdom of the animals in your life. To learn more about Lisa's work visit her at

Dr Emily McAteer (On the right) is a vet and has practiced small animal veterinary medicine in Ireland and in the UK for 30 years. She took over a small practice in Portmarnock where she runs Portmarnock Vet Clinic which houses Holistic Vet Dublin. There she integrates her skills as a veterinary homeopath to help animals heal from the root cause. To learn more about Emily's work visit her at

Pawsitive Fitness
, founded by Louise Jones in 2019, specializes in canine health, fitness, and wellness. Louise is a certified canine trainer and behaviorist since 2009, with a strong passion for canine well-being.

Ranked 7th in the World in Masters Women scooter, Louise competes globally, with an upcoming event in Germany this October. She also holds a Diploma in Galen Myotherapy, a therapy that enhances joint and muscle health, aids musculoskeletal rehabilitation, and alleviates pain in dogs.

Join Louise at Clann Madra for insights into sleddog sports and discover how Galen Myotherapy can benefit your dog. Musculoskeletal health checks will be available on the day. Learn more at

Claire Slattery, a dedicated Bio Energy Therapist with a passion for holistic well-being. Claire is excited to join the upcoming Clann Madra Holistic Family Dog Event to share her expertise in promoting health, wealth, and nutrition for both humans and their furry companions.

With years of experience in natural health, Claire believes in the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, utilizing modalities like Bio Energy Therapy to harness the body's innate healing abilities. Learn more at

Hanka, is a Naturopathic Vet, a passionate advocate for natural and holistic pet care. Hanka's unique expertise encompasses qualifications as a veterinary surgeon, certification in veterinary homeopathy and phytotherapy, and specialization in small animal nutrition. Her mission is to bring healing to chronically ill dogs and cats through natural methods.

Hanka looks forward to sharing her insights and expertise at the upcoming Clann Madra Eventm where she'll be an invaluable resource for those seeking natural solutions for their pets well being. Learn more at

Our Passion, 
Your Pet's Happiness

In the spirit of giving back, Clann Madra proudly supports the charity Dogs for the Disabled. By attending this event, you'll be contributing to this worthy cause and making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

Are you Coming?

Tickets are €15 for adults and €5 for children, with a special family option available. All talks, activities and competitions are free within the Clann Madra event.

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If you own a Staffordshire bull terrier, American pit bull terrier, English bull terrier, Bullmastiff. Dobermann pinscher. German shepherd (Alsatian), Rhodesian ridgeback, Rotweiler, Japanese akita, Japanese tosa or Bandog (or strains or crosses of them), you must keep this dog on a short, strong lead controlled by a capable person over 16 years of age. You must also keep the dog muzzled in all public areas

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