Is Seaweed Good For Dogs?

Most of us are aware of seaweed baths being a thing and therefore it must be a beneficial endeavour and many of us know that seaweed is regarded as super food for humans, but you probably haven’t considered the benefits that seaweed can bring as a superfood to your dog until this very moment!

Why is Seaweed Considered A Super Food?

If a super food is something packed with minerals and nutrients then seaweed fits the bill. Seaweed is rooted in ancient food and medicinal tradition most famously in Asia but also in Ireland where we get our seaweed from for TonicTreat. Modern science has been able to confirm the diverse mineral profile of seaweed as having ten times greater mineral content than plants grown on land. Rich in protein, fibre and vitamins, seaweed is most notable for its calcium, copper, iodine and iron contents.

Is Seaweed Good For My Dog?

Seaweeds are excellent for humans, but our four-legged companions are also favoured if seaweeds are part of their diet plans. Here is a look at some of the many health benefits of seaweed.

Seaweed brings benefits to the dog’s whole body through the digestive system, in the form of prebiotics feeding beneficial gut bacteria. The fibre found in seaweed promotes healthy bowel movements and has anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, and anti-rheumatic properties.
Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is the most common disease in dogs and is usually caused by the build-up of plaque. Studies show that using seaweed supplements as part of a daily diet in dogs is beneficial for the prevention of plaque. The antimicrobial and antibiofilm properties in seaweed help to neutralise plaque building bacteria.
The amino acids found in seaweed helps strengthen your dog’s immune system and increase shine in your pet’s coat - a sure sign of a happy, healthy dog.

Important To Know

Seaweed is one of the few foods that contains essential iodine for the thyroid gland and immune system. This is good news in that many health problems in dogs are related to low thyroid function including skin conditions, allergies, and obesity. However, too much iodine can cause problems such as hyperthyroidism so it is always recommended with caution to only use it as a small percentage of your dog's dry food diet.

Seaweed & TonicTreat

TonicTreat is the ideal way to introduce a small amount of seaweed into your dog’s daily feeding routine and even better that they know it’s coming to them in the form of a real meat treat! Our healthy dog snacks are supercharged with hand harvested mineral rich organic seaweed from Connemara on the West Coast of Ireland.

All our treats contain seaweed with a choice of the original beef and seaweed favourite or with added seaweeds and botanical ingredients to help combat common health problems such as inflammation, joint and oral health, skin and coat condition and digestive health to name but a few.


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