Frequently Asked Questions

Are TonicTreat healthy dog treats?

TonicTreats are specially formulated using only ingredients with beneficial properties, our aim is to offer the best dog treats in the world that stimulate natural health.

Is TonicTreat grain free?

TonicTreat is a Grain-Free dog treat with no artificial colours, preservatives or glycerin.

How long will a box last?

1-2 months. Each box contains 40 sticks, how long it lasts depend son how many daily treats you give and how many dogs you have.

How often should I use the AntiWorm+ tonic?
We recommend using the natural wormer on a monthly cycle for 3 consecutive days to help keep the instestinal tract clean of worms.
It is also safe to feed AntiWorm+ on a daily basis as healthy snacks for dogs.

How can I make sure my supply is always topped up?
We are now offering a subscription option where you can subscribe to a monthly delivery of TonicTreat so you don't have to worry about re-ordering when you run out.

Is TonicTreat suitable for dogs with diabetes?
TonicTreat is suitable for dogs suffering with diabetes.

Is TonicTreat suitable for dogs with hyperthyroidism?

Dogs suffering from and being treated for hyperthyroidism should not be fed seaweed, as most seaweeds contain high levels of iodine. We are working on developing a new treat which will be suitable for hyperthyroidism.

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