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Leonard Greene - MeatSnax

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Our pets are so much more than companion animals; they're cherished members of our families that bring immeasurable smiles, joy and tears when they leave us.

When I started this business I wanted it to be dedicated to the dog and create truly healthy dog treats. TonicTreat is about providing the best nutritional treat for your pet, something we take great pride in and also take very seriously. When it comes to ingredients we have a strict criteria, we use only ingredients with beneficial properties. You will never find grain or starch fillers of any kind and we don't and won't use artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or glycerin.

TonicTreat is a range of natural dog treats crafted from locally sourced grass-fed Irish beef which offers one of the highest percentages of digestibility, 92% in a dog’s diet. Our organic Irish seaweed is hand-harvested from pristine Atlantic waters off the West Coast of Ireland. Seaweeds are an impressive source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements making it a superfood for heath maintenance. The botanics we use in our natural dog treats are sourced from around the world for their many and varied health properties.

We have looked at various health issues in dogs and with the assistance of experts and research we developed healthy dog treats with functional ingredients known to alleviate disorders including digestive problems, skin and coat condition, dental plaque, arthritic pain and discomfort, heart health and our unique treat solution for intestinal worms. For it is through the gut system we can deliver active ingredients that can very much support good health, many if not all the botanics we have chosen have been used for thousands of years across many cultures, our own in Ireland included.

 We continue to look for innovation in health foods for dogs, taking the concept of meat with herb inclusion for delivering a health tonic, TonicTreat!  We are continuing our scientific research into the nutritional value and functionality of our specially formulated treats in conjunction with Enterprise Ireland and Teagasc Food Research Centre; we look forward to sharing our results and findings.

In tribute to the dog, that’s why I do what I do.

Leonard Greene

Founder and crafter of TonicTreat

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