• Let every treat be a Tonic

Health Functional Treats

Our Ingredients

“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.”

Specially formulated functional treats to combat common health challenges in dogs using only ingredients with beneficial properties, focusing on the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and tonic properties found in seaweeds and herbs. Grain-Free with zero artificial additives.

Power packed into every stick

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Meet TonicTreat Founder Leonard Greene from Westmeath who created healthy dog treats TonicTreat out of the belief that our pets deserve treats that bring nutritional health benefits. Leonard is aiming to offer the best dog treats in Ireland by revolutionising healthy dog treat standards that will be appreciated all over the world.


Customer Feedback

These treats are truly a tonic, they were a lifeline for our 15 year old dog Harris, he is a senior dog with a sensitive stomach and his health completely revived once we started giving them to him.

Tom, Tipperary

Customer Feedback

TonicTreat are the perfect treat for my dog Cassie. I believe they are the reason for my dog’s good health and I don’t think there is any other dog treat out there that has these unique herbal ingredients. What more could you look for in a dog snack!

Adrienne, Dublin

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are a small company dedicated to the dog, we craft some of the finest treats in the world, low-temperature air-dried in small hand-crafted batches by a Master Butcher, following each recipe precisely, and covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Research backed by Science and Analysis.

Retail Inquiries

We work with dog trainers, pet shops, vets or grooming boutiques who would like to stock our healthy dog treats, we offer a niche retail brand called Pure MeatSnax which is already exported and loved around the world.

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