Our Current Research

Following an invitation to an open day and discussion on the future of pet food, held in the Teagasc Ashtown Food Research Centre, in the Teagasc headquarters in Dublin during late 2019, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Maria Hayes. One of the interests Dr Hayes and I shared was the functionality of seaweeds, Ireland has an abundance of this superfood, during this brief meeting it became obvious what my small company was doing was quite unique and validated a more in-depth analysis, to determine to what benefit and functionality the ingredients could achieve within the dogs gut system and thereby support the whole dog and the immune system of the dog.

Our choice of ingredients have been selected with the specific purpose of benefiting the dog, each ingredient must meet this criteria to be included in our treats.

Following our meeting, a range of tests was agreed and compiled, with the assistance of Enterprise Ireland and an Innovation Voucher supporting the costs which allowed first stage tests to get underway in March 2020, following recommendation, stage two of these tests are currently been planned. We look forward to bringing the results and findings to conclusion and to make public when complete.

To the best of our knowledge when these tests are completed, our treats will be the only treats analysed to these standards both in the Irish and world market, quite an extraordinary feat for a micro business, and just another step along our path to creating one of the finest treats in the world for dogs to love and benefit from.








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