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Combat Worms Naturally

For a natural solution to help treat worms, we have developed a very special recipe in AntiWorm+ to support a cleaner gut system.

  • Made from grass-fed Irish beef, organic seaweeds and carefully chosen botanical ingredients - all wrapped in a collagen skin.
  • A natural support for worming dogs using a natural and potent vermifuge that is known to destroy and expel parasitic worms in the gut.
  • The ‘+’ in AntiWorm+ stands for all the benefits of the herbal ingredients we use to support overall health, not just as a natural dewormer alone.
  • Smells and tastes extra delicious made using a specially developed air-dryer which locks in the natural goodness from our carefully chosen ingredients.
  • Each box contains 500g - approx. 40 sticks - so you don’t have to keep going to the store for more.

More information on our ingredients

Our treats are free from grains, artificial preservatives and additives.
TonicTreat Original contains 70% beef - something we take great pride in as many other shop bought products especially extruded treats contain little to no actual meat.
Grass-fed beef contains higher concentrations of important minerals such as iron, zinc, vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acid than found in non-grass fed animals.
Seaweed offers a storehouse of vitamins and minerals from the sea that are considered to bring anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and anti-rheumatic properties.
Our treats are wrapped in a collagen skin providing an important protein to help strengthen elasticity of hair, bones, nails, teeth, joint health and also aids digestion.
When your dog is suspected of having intestinal worms, use the weight-based suggested daily feed for 3 consecutive days or longer if suspected to persist. We recommend using the natural wormer on a monthly cycle for 3 consecutive days to help keep the intestinal tract clean of worms.



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